Our goal is to help patients who suffer from back problems. Thanks to the revolutionary endoscopic method, the surgeries performed are minimally invasive. Owing to many years of experience and narrow specialization, we minimize not only the risk of complications and perioperative pain, but also the time needed by patients to return to their daily activities, work and physical activity. We provide comprehensive postoperative care, because we take care of each stage of rehabilitation, and analyse the health status of our patients

10 years

of experience
in endoscopic

3 000+


1 000+


Doctor Piotr Winkler
Spine surgeon
Minimally invasive treatments are not just a small scar. Minimally invasiveness means a reduction of injury to the body, which is a surgery, it also means less blood loss, less drop of immunity, less perioperative pain. Modern treatment involves solving patient's problems with the least possible surgical intervention. Endoscopy of the spine fits in perfectly with this treatment philosophy.



Medical practice in Israel



First operations in Poznań


Endoscopic assisted microdiscectomy

The first surgery of dr. Winkler with the application of an endoscope using the method of Dr Jean Destandau


The first fully endoscopic surgeries

The first fully endoscopic surgeries of dr. Winkler together with the global pioneer of spinal endoscopy dr. Thomas Hoogland – System Max More


The first course at the Herne Clinic

The use of a new Wolf endoscope, and the first foraminal and laminar surgeries by means of the Vertebris system. Significant extension of the scope of endoscopic surgery

2017 January

The first endoscopic surgery with wolf's stenosis system

First endoscopic surgery of spinal canal stenosis with the Wolf stenosis system. To this day, it is considered an innovative procedure in Central and Eastern Europe

2018 January

First endoscopic surgery

First endoscopic cervical discopathy surgery with posterior access

2019 January

First endoscopic cervical discopathy surgery

First endoscopic cervical discopathy surgery with anterior access


Master Class Training Course: full-endoscopic surgery of the lumbar spine (2019)


International Intensive Training Course: full-endoscopic surgery of the lumbar spine (2019)


Intensive Training Course: full-endoscopic surgery of the lumbar spine (2019)


Full-endoscopic Operations of the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine (2013)


Spinal Advanced Microsurgery certificate (2016)


Spinal Advanced Microsurgery certificate (2015)


Cadaveric Course for Professionals (2013)


Full-endoscopic Operations of the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine (2012)


Full-endoscopic Operations of the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine (2011)


EuroSpine Course (2010)


MaxMoreSpine Surgical Technique Introduction (workshop 2010)


EACCME (2009)


Spinal Microsurgery 11 (workshop 2009)


Intraoperative Neuromonitoring - IONM IV Interntational (course 2008)


Spine Week 2008

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St. Wojciech Hospital is a modern institution with the highest class equipment.

St. Adalbert's Hospital

St. Adalbert's Hospital was established in response to the healthcare needs of the residents of the Poznań. With them in mind, we have created a place where specialists in many fields of medicine, equipped with modern equipment, have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our patients.
The mission of St. Adalbert's Hospital is to provide effective and safe treatment in a manner that ensures the quickest possible return to fitness and full health for our Patients. We achieve this by combining the knowledge, skills and commitment of our medical staff with modern technology and the utmost care for the safety and comfort of the Patient.

Medical personnel

By choosing St Adalbert's Hospital, you are entrusting your health into the hands of qualified specialists. Our doctors have a wealth of scientific achievements and extensive surgical experience. Out of concern for the patient, they continuously expand and improve their qualifications by participating in symposia and conferences. Our staff will take care of your health with passion and knowledge, supported by many years of experience.

Hospital equipment

We have equipped the hospital with modern medical equipment. We base the diagnostic process on high-end ultrasound equipment, a digital X-ray machine and a 16-slice CT scanner. Two operating theatres are equipped with, among other things, advanced laparoscopic devices, a digital X-ray machine, an ultrasound machine and modern devices for monitoring the patient's condition during the procedure. In addition, a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory and an endoscopy laboratory are also available to patients.

Comfortable stay

Patients will find 21 comfortable beds in single or double rooms equipped with independent bathrooms, TV, high-speed internet connection and a terrace. We provide professional and kind nursing care and psychological support for the hospital's patients and their relatives at every stage of treatment. We speak openly and clearly about all aspects of the hospital stay and help everyone to understand their own situation and make the right decision. We care for a family and warm atmosphere because we believe that a smile and positive relationships strongly support the healing process.

The Patient Advisor

Our patients do not have to worry about formal and organisational matters. They are supported in everything by the Patient Attendant, who will prepare an individual and comprehensive offer of a specific medical service, including a hospitalisation plan, cost calculations and a list of examinations and consultations necessary before the surgery. The Patient Advisor will also help you set a convenient date for the surgery and prepare for your stay in our hospital. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Anna Solska, tel. 609 860 736.

Take the first step toward a pain-free life.