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Endoscopic spine surgeries

Endoscopic spine surgeries of lumbar discopathy

With the Wolf Vertebris system, several endoscopic surgical accesses are possible, depending on the location of the discopathy. Each of them consists in enabling the damaged root to run freely while minimizing access to the surgical site. The whole procedure takes place in a saline environment, which significantly reduces the number of infections. The videos show the animated operation process.

Endoscopic stenosis surgeries

Treatment of stenosis consists in widening the spinal canal in such a way that the symptoms associated with this condition are reduced or resolved. A minimally invasive method that allows the widening of the spinal canal without a long and extensive surgery is endoscopic decompression using the Wolf Stenosis system. In this method, only those structures of the spine that compress the nerve roots and cause symptoms are selectively removed. Due to limited access, instability occurs much less often, and implants are not necessary, which increases surgery safety. Limited access is not only a small, several-millimeter scar, but also much faster convalescence, lasting only a few weeks. In addition, the risk of surgery is significantly lower in all its aspects, the patient does not feel the pain associated with the surgery itself and there is no need to use heavy painkillers. What is also more important for our patients is the fact that full independence is regained within an hour after waking up.

Endoscopic cervical spine surgery with posterior access

Endoscopic cervical spine surgeries with posterior access are applied in patients who are struggling with a shoulder fracture due to compression of the nerve root, or intervertebral stenosis. They consist in releasing the compressed nerve root in the intervertebral canal and removing the narrowness. This type of surgery is reserved for around 20% of patients with these conditions, and has many benefits. It allows removing pain without artificially stabilizing the spine, reduces the number of complications associated with the surgical access itself, and ensures short recovery.

Endoscopic cervical spine surgery with anterior access

Endoscopic cervical spine surgeries with anterior access are mostly applied in patients with large, centrally located cervical discopathy. The endoscopic method allows the disease to be removed without stabilization.

Comparison of the endoscopic method with the classical one

Time of surgery 30 minutes 1,5 hours
Time of rehabilitation 6 weeks 6 months
Perioperative pain Small, usually not requiring medicines Strong, often requiring opioid analgesics
Injury related to the operation for the Patient Very good Poor
Possible complications associated with the surgery Minimum High risk of complications
Visibility of nerve structures during surgery Very good Poor
Periorbital muscle damage Minimal Significant

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Other minimally invasive surgeries

True spondylolisthesis

True spondylolisthesis with the presence of vertebral fissure and instability is one of the few indications for the use of implants in the treatment of degenerative disorder of the spine. Here, we use transdermal systems that significantly limit the extent of these surgeries. Owing to this, muscle damage in the operated segment is not large, and rehabilitation lasts much shorter.

Cervical discectomy using implants

When endoscopic surgery in the cervical region is impossible, it is worth using the most modern implants to achieve optimal and long-lasting therapy effect. We use permanent and mobile implants, adjusting the type of implant to the needs of a particular patient.


Osteoporosis is a real epidemic of our time. In the case of severe pain in the course of vertebral fracture in osteoporosis, vertebroplasty which brings pain relief is one of the solutions.

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