The diseases we operate on
Cervical discopathy
Cervical discopathy is a natural process affecting the spinal discs. As the degeneration progresses, you may experience nagging pain, numbness in your hands, balance problems and, in more severe cases, even limb paresis.
Stenosis or stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, causing a lack of space for the nerve structures within the canal. It most often occurs in the lumbar region. It causes lumbar pain, lower limb pain and sciatica. The first sign is the appearance of pain after walking, which subsides when bending forward. It leads to severe mobility difficulties. Stenosis often occurs in people with a sedentary lifestyle.
Lumbar discopathy
A disorder of the intervertebral discs that build up the spine in the lower part. Symptoms include lumbar pain, sciatica or femoral pain. In extreme cases there is paresis of the foot, urinary and faecal disturbances. Affects people with a passive and sedentary lifestyle.

What is endoscopic spine surgery?

It is minimally invasive, innovative spine surgery (MIS), safer than the traditional one. This treatment is characterized by a high success rate and low complication proportion. The method is based on the use of an endoscope, which reaches the place of the disease, and through which the necessary tools for the surgery are introduced. By using this technique, the incision is only a few millimetres, the injury associated with access to the spine is kept to a minimum, the patient doesn’t lose blood, and the danger of a decrease in immunity is eliminated. The patient gets up from the hospital bed as early as one hour after the procedure and is independent. Endoscopic surgery enables patients to return quickly to full strength and health.

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  • Quick recovery
  • High efficiency
  • It does not change the stability of the spine
  • Little blood loss
  • The treatment on the same day as 24 hours hospitalization
  • Small incision, minimal scar
Doctor Piotr Winkler
Spine surgeon
I have been involved in neurosurgery and spine surgery for 20 years. I specialize in minimally invasive surgical techniques of the spine, endoscopic surgery of the lumbar and cervical spine, the use of the latest techniques and the latest implants allowing comprehensive treatment of the spine. I completed training at the best German spinal clinics. In 2017, I became an international instructor-expert in RIWO SPINE endoscopic surgery techniques. I conduct training for surgeons in endoscopic operations, among others in Germany and Israel.
  • 10 years
    Experience in endoscopic surgery
  • 3 000+
    Spine surgeries performed
  • 1 000+
    Endoscopic surgeries performed

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Patient stories
Endoscopic surgery changes patients' lives. Thanks to it, they can quickly and safely return to full fitness. Get to know the stories of people whom Dr. Winkler helped.
This surgery at Mr. Winkler’s was great because it was quick, efficient and I was able to get out of bed the next day.
Mrs. Bogumiła

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